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Wildflower Seedbombs choose the very best ingredients to provide a safe and beautiful way to plant native and naturalised wildflowers anywhere, anytime. Each variety of seeds has been carefully selected to thrive in almost any condition and/ or landscape and requires minimal upkeep. Wildflower Seedbombs cares deeply about biodiversity-Nurturing and protecting our bees, butterflies, and birds, as well as other pollinators.

Our shipping and packaging are 100% recyclable and 100% carbon neutral. We strive to be kind to the planet in everyway conceivably possible.

Comprised of soil, seeds, clay, and other select nutrients and ingredients, Wildflower Seedbombs are the perfect way to plant!

A portion of each sale goes to support Nature Canada and Pollinator Partnership Canada.

When you buy from Wildflower Seedbombs, you're helping the planet with every purchase.

Go wild!


Wildflower Seedbombs can be planted anytime, anywhere, either in pots or in gardens, but for best results, plant in spring, after last frost, or during the fall just before the ground freezes. Seedbombs can even be placed on snow to bloom the next spring. If throwing your seedbombs, expect that they may not take root exactly where they landed. If you want flowers to bloom in a specific location, press the seedbombs gently into the ground without burying them. Feel free to place leaves and/or mulch on top or leave uncovered for the winter. Just remember to remove the mulch come spring.

Planting during the summer could mean some wildflowers may choose to bloom the following spring instead. Plants take between 5 to 8 weeks during growing seasons before producing flowers depending on where you live and other conditions such as landscape and weather. Some varieties of wildflowers may not bloom the first year. Each seedbomb covers around 1 foot square of space. Each bag contains 6-7 seedbombs. Due to the beautiful nature of clay, there may be variations in colouring, being predominantly black and brown, with occasionally red, grey and/ or white striations.

Seedbombs envelope the seeds inside by encasing them with clay and various nutrients. This mixture protects the seeds from drying out or being eaten by birds, squirrels, or insects. Rain and other sources of water releases the seed encouraging it to take root. Wildflower seeds tend to grow when the conditions are best, so don't feel discouraged if things don't take root right away. Mother Nature knows what its doing.

Seedbombs are meant to grow anywhere, though do tend to grow best where the soil is exposed.

Seedbombs are very low effort and are easily stored and drought-tolerant when planted, so often can depend on rain for their watering needs.

Unlike other plants, native and naturalised wildflower seeds take time. Many of the species will not flower the first year though most will provide beautiful greenery while they establish themselves in your garden in a sustainable and enduring way. If you are patient, Wildflower Seedbombs will provide beautiful blooms to enjoy for years to follow.


Wildflower Seedbombs are native to gardening zones 2b-9b.

Each and every wildflower seed is specially selected to be the hardiest and best of either native or naturalised stock, able to thrive throughout the vast majority of Canada.


Wildflower Seedbombs is happy to accommodate any and all custom and bespoke orders, including customising your choice of wildflower seeds and packaging design.

Wildflower Seedbombs make wonderful gifts for any occasion, including wedding favours!

Please contact Christine at for any inquiries!

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